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3 ways to engage more effectively with your clients and prospects

Updated: May 19, 2020

If you have great products and solutions but poor conversion rates it could be down to how you engage your customers.

1. Customers buy based on an emotional response to an agreed need. Learn how to discover the emotional triggers for each stakeholder.

2. Customers have poor memories when it comes to sales pitches - especially if they are in back-to-back RFP response meetings. If you create a compelling story they will remember that way beyond the project go live date. If your team would like to learn how to tell compelling stories contact me for some enablement.

3. How often do you tune out of a conversation because the other person is:

- not interested in you or your (value) needs only their products or solutions

- doesn't speak your language (industry, domain and so on)

- doesn't seem to be listening

Learn how these habits can be changed to drive better and more meaningful engagements.

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