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Pivot your sales organisation towards 'value selling'.

Updated: May 19, 2020

The main barriers that I come across to the adoption of value selling as an approach are:

(1) lack of self-confidence of the sales force to talk to executives

(2) lack of a clear sequence of steps to make value selling work

(3) lack of skills in researching, asking open questions, building compelling business cases and presenting to executives with impact

(1) Lack of self-confidence is a fear. Like most fears, it can be reduced or eliminated through understanding. In this case getting to know your client (organizationally and its people) at a deep level. It has many parallels with going up to someone new at a party of networking event.

(2) There is a tried and tested approach to a client engagement that puts the customer and the things they value at the centre.

(3) Skills can be learned. Habits can be formed. It just requires a willingness for an organisation to upgrade for competitive advantage.

The outcomes will include:

- more engaged sales teams

- improved win rates

- larger deal sizes

- happier, more engaged clients

- increased repeat business

Please contact me if you would like to know more about how to catalyze this change in your company.

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